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It is somewhat of a growing trend to see the tax strategies of major multinational companies, as well as wealthy individuals, being brought into question.  Such has been the focus on this issue, that it even led to the French Actor, Gérard Depardieu, giving up his French citizenship and later being given the opportunity of becoming a Russian citizen by Vladimir Putin.  In recent weeks, the focus has fallen onto tech giants, Apple.
Now Apple isn’t just a supplier of the latest must-have accessories to design grads, freelance writers and regular Starbucks frequenters – they are also the most valuable company in the world.  Nobody has accused Apple of partaking in any illegal tax evasion activities, but rather the have been finger-pointed for taking advantage of flaws in the US tax system.
Immoral Tax Activities
The accusation against Apple is that they have avoided paying over US$13 Billion, over the … Read the restThe post Apple Boss Defends Company’s Tax Strategy appeared first on 2013 Taxes And 2014 Taxes.

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