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Get ready for that time of year again–2014 Tax season is upon us.

Don’t let piles of papers and bulk expensive software ruin your refund joy. Opt this year for completely free TurboTax, no one offers a better value, a more complete return or will earn you more money back than TurboTax. Their unique and powerful software searches for every possible discount and since this year TurboTax is doing the heavy lifting in your tax preparation there’s no reason to second guess where the best value is.
For 2014 Taxes, both the 1040EZ and the 1040A are completely free to file with TurboTax, which covers almost 60 million Americans around the country. They call it Absolute Zero, which means no money to file your state return, no money to comply with health laws and no money to claim your hard earned income tax credit. This year, TurboTax … Read the rest
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