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The IRS Independent Office of Appeals (IOA) was established by Congress to handle a taxpayer’s case independently of the IRS office that initially reviewed the case when a taxpayer needs to challenge an IRS decision. In general, if communications with the IRS appear to jeopardize the independence of Appeals, this office will not discuss the case. Challenge An IRS Decision What Exactly Is
Taxpayers who received an extension to file their federal and state tax returns and still need to file should do so by October 15 if they want to avoid penalties and interest. Here is what you need to know with the Tax Filing Extension Deadline Approaching: Tax Filing Extension Deadline Here are two reminders for taxpayers who requested an extension to file their tax return. File any time befo
Establish A Post College Budget In Just 6 Steps Congratulations on having earned your diploma and on having received a job offer. This time of life is guaranteed to be exciting. Make sure to plan your Post-College Budget. As you begin planning your next moves, it is vital to have a budget. How do you create a post-college budget? Following are several things that I discovered after having gradu
As you get ready for St Patrick’s Day you might be looking at your tax liability and wondering how next year your tax situation could be better. Tax Loss Harvesting within your investments could be beneficial for you if you hold mutual funds of stocks outside of a retirement plan. Tax Loss Harvesting involves selling your losers before the end of a tax year and replacing them. That way, you
With more than $330 billion in tax refunds being sent out by the Internal Revenue Service, many restaurants are trying to take advantage of this additional money in taxpayers’ hands by offering discounts and freebies on April 18th. Here’s a summary of what you can find around the country in tax day deals. The tax day deal at Boston Market gets a half-chicken meal for $10.40, priced
Many people may be thinking that it’s too early to think about next year’s taxes. However, if you own a small business, or you’re making moves in the coming months, you absolutely need to think about your next year’s or even quarterly tax returns. A lot of things happen throughout the year, and if you aren’t keeping tabs on anything, you may find yourself at a loss when March comes around. It’s f
If you have not heard of TurboTax Intuit, you need to find a way to learn about it as soon as possible. The reason for this is that you never have to worry about paying immense fees to a company for doing only a few minutes of work. You will be able to see exactly how much you owe, how much you are getting back, and the amount you can expect to pay for Turbo Tax. The problem with going to a tax
Intuit Canada is offering free online or over the phone chatting with Tax Experts in Canada similar to what has been available in the USA for years. During the tax season, these TurboTax experts from Canada are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to answer your tax questions. Here is our TurboTax Expert Review and how you can use this great service. Beginning in February, Canadians can c
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